Protests, Progress and Jhonen Vasquez

26 Apr

Whew, I can’t believe it’s my second blog-post already; my heart rate’s bouncing like Madonna spotting a black child up for adoption.

What an eventful past few months it’s been, hasn’t it? Most eventful part of them on my part has been the protests going on with spending cuts and all, and boy do all these protests piss me off. And the best part about it, I’m not so much ticked off with all rent-a-mob anarchists going around and smashing Fortnum & Mason’s windows up because their coffee’s to pricey, but more annoyed at the fact that people still think protesting will do something. Brendan Barber, if somebody doesn’t elect you sooner or later for smartest man-with-a-plan alive, I’ll just have to go to a Topshop in central London and makes some low-income worker really sorry he came into work that day! Unless you have a council backing you along with a STRONG MP – your little peaceful-protest will go nowhere.

My mother tells me it won’t do much, but it’s still a mitzvah at that. I respond, what good is a mitzvah that does not help or aid anybody? Sure, it’ll make some feel good about themselves, but chances are those few are like me, and feel good about themselves after doing most things.

Starting fresh, this talk of protests and anarchists brings me onto my second, what most would dub, rant in this blog. Youth today. Yes, I am indeed one of them, but am not at all proud of it. We listen to shoddy music, update our Facebook status constantly and stab each other under bridges for perks. But the worst of it all has to be ugly kids are having sex, underage. Now if I may be entitled to use my taught language of web-lingo, I think that may be considered a double fail. Not a fail, a double fail. Ugly, sex and underage should never go together in the same sentence, but it is. This problem must be put a stop to, it just breaks the rules of true love, and it’s not fair on the repulsive ones, because they’re being shown false admiration which being ugly, they so obviously don’t deserve. And again, ugly + sex + underage = Sloth from The Goonies; an even uglier result from your seed, from juvenile intercourse.

And now my final note – which may not fit in precisely, but I still feel is worthy for discussion. The ever great, Jhonen C. Vasquez; know him or not the man’s a clear legend, and to for that to be said out the mouth of some arrogant, punk teenager is nowhere near a note of praise, for the guy. But my only piece of annoyance I’ve started getting from him recently is the fact that Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Squee and I Feel Sick were all true works of art, yet now I feel he’s lagging behind in the artistic world, still earning a good profit from thousands of wannabe-goths buying JtHM everyday it looks as if he’s gotten to the point where the best he can conjure up are fifteen page comics dragged on from their regular limit of a single page and a book gathering all his shittiest pieces of artwork together.

A friend told me he’s been working secretly on something new to do with Zim or Johnny, I dunno – in my opinion it just seems like he’s in the process of selling out, which is upsetting because unless you’re blind, deaf and dumb you can easily see the guy’s got a lot of talent.


High Ideals – Elbow (Build A Rocket Boys)
New Orleans – Stevie Nicks (In Your Dreams)

Ciao –

~ Josh


Humble Greetings

24 Mar

Hello there, Joshology here once more – you know, that guy who once wrote those *brilliant* comic and film reviews? Yeah, me!

So anyhow, I suppose I should give a small reason as to why I gave up on my old blog: I got impatient at the fact I was getting no views, yet seemed to be writing non-stop.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m not one of these people who write for the sake of getting noticed and having publicity spat at them (like just about every pre-teen girl who has her own Twitter account); it’s just that, it seemed that I was writing so much and I was only really getting the petty “Good job so far!” comment on the oldest post there is – I started to feel a little insignificant!

I’m going to add a happy emoticon in now to brighten the mood a bit: =) – don’t they just work miracles; I’m now feeling happy as Gordon Brown on a regular day!

I think it would be appropriate to say now that I’m no longer reviewing anything on this blog. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to stop giving my opinion, commenting on certain things or even recommending you crap to purchase at a high price (you know it’s good if it’s more than you can afford).

I realise that this post was really just your average recap on getting bored and closing a blog, but I’m going to try and update this thing weekly – no MONTHLY – or even ANNUALLY! Yeah, annually sounds better. I’m going to try and update this thing annually to keep you all occupied and out of hibernation (at least once a year)!


Give Up The Ghost – Radiohead (King Of Limbs)
We Tried – The Drums (The Drums)

Ciao –

~ Josh